The Fall mini-seasons is one of my favorite things I do every year. I end up with mostly regular families that I get to know and see grow every year and its really wonderful. This year was no exception.

Keep an eye out for upcoming mini-sessions, they book up fast.

Bates Family

I have written about this family before, but everything I said still holds true. It is truly an honor and a joy to be able to capture this family every year as they grow. The is my 5th time photographing them. This year they added a new 4-legged family member who I was ready to take home with me after the shoot. It was a really fun fall mini-shoot that I am so glad we got in when we did, because like two weeks later and we are in full on winter now.

For Photographers: Fuji X-Pro2 | XF56mm f1.2 | Capture One | Mastin Labs Fuji 400H

I also cropped to 6X4.5 for a medium format look and I really dig the vibe.

Ashley and Isaac (and Pigs)