Courtney and I are pretty huge fans of Airbnb and have been using it for a long time. It’s even better now that we have kids.

If you have kids than you know what I am talking about. Having a full kitchen, rooms for sleeping, and space to play makes traveling a lot better. We decided to get away for the weekend to Colorado Springs and we stayed in this awesome little house in one of the older parts of town. It was very affordable and one of the coolest houses we have ever stayed in. It was perfectly designed and decorated in a way that was modern, but a little bit rustic, and very cozy and comfortable. It really was lovely. Here is the link to the place if you should find yourself in Colorado Springs.

I went pretty minimal with my kit this trip and only brought my X Pro-2 and 23mm f2, but I was still able to get some interior shots I was pretty happy with. My 16mm would have been helpful at times, but I actually appreciate the challenge of a minimal kit. Processing was done with Capture One and Mastin Labs Gold 200 (which is a killer combo that will be it's own blog post eventually).

I would love to do more photography like this. I found it inspiring, challenging, and a lot of fun. If you need photography of your spot and want to trade for a night or two than click the button below!